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KLDSP App- Warren Osborn by ChikaAhjumma
KLDSP App- Warren Osborn

For :heart:  :iconx-kaleidoscope-x: :heart:
This Group was interesting hshshs.. 
the feels the story just--- ///
hope i can get in.. :iconseagullfaceplz: 
Bullet; Blue 
Name || Warren Osborn 

Bullet; Blue Age ||
 21 years old

Bullet; Blue Sex ||

Bullet; Blue Height / Weight ||

 174 cm / 70 kg

Bullet; Blue Rank ||

Bullet; Blue Stats ||
Health : 

    •Attack : 

    • Defence : 2

Intelligence : 1

    • Speed : 0

    • Luck : 1

Bullet; Orange Skills : 
| Hiding | strong instinct  | great defense |

Bullet; Orange Weapon : 
It was the easiest way to take down his enemy , and because he can’t brought a big weapon since his legs can not move fast. that’s why he choose stun gun it was lighter so he  can carry it anywhere

jsenn the beloved  Personality :

Bullet; Green ) Brave | Loyal | Hardworking  | Discipline| Caring |
   Bullet; Red ) Hotheaded | Foul-mouthed | Purist |Actually Timid |

After the worst day of his life, Warren become the type  who was not afraid to venture out into new and unknown territory, often leading himself into trouble.  Even if he easlly to pissed off and his mouth often using a bad word. He was actually a loyal friend that will try his best to protect his friends, and yes, Warren’s do caring about the others. it’s just difficult for him to showed it to someone else due his shyness to talk with someone else (so thats why he has a problem with picking the right words.) and his unhappy or purist face always make someone else bad at making first impressions about him. (just try to get along with him.. he was actually nice person)

| Background Information Bookdiva  |

Warren was born in a normal live with his mother. His father has died because of a car accident when he was five. Even if he just lived with his mother, Warren didn't give up, he always tries to be strong to protect his mother, because she was the only family he has now and he really love his mother so much, and will do anything for his mother sake and keep living peacefully together.
At first, Warren grew as a mature and warm-hearted teenager. But he didn't attend to high school due to financial problems so that's why he prefers doing part time as construction laborer to help earning more money. The work made him a bit stronger and gave him this athlethic look. But one day, when he was working as a "Construction Worker", suddenly he fell from from 2nd Floor. Fortunely he fell on stack of sand sacks, and only got some injuries. But then his left leg became limp which made him run not as fast as before.
 He didn't even give up even if his leg was limp, he still wanted to work for his family. 1 month passed and nothing happened. It was the usual day like any other days... But something was not right about his mother, Warren was about to go to work like usual in the morning then His mother begin to cough, sneeze and feeling really unwell. He thought his mother maybe only caught a fever or cold so after that he took a day off from work to take care of his mother. He went out to buy medicine at a clinic and accidentally heard a rumour about "color-syndrome" from strangers that  he met there. At the beginning he thought it was a joke, but when he got to home, his mother was resting in bed and looked worse and worse
"Mom? are you alright?" Warren began feel more worried about his mom.
"I'm allright,Warry" Said his mom with a smile on her face.
It’s already been 1,5 hours his mother laying on bed, Warren still sat beside his mom just hoping she would be alright and everything will go back to normal again. But it’s useless, her fever  getting worse she only can drink a water, her body become more weak. then, his mother knew her life would not be much longer. She look at his son and smiling then she grasped his son hands softly

"Warren, my son.. you have to keep alive and be strong.. mom love you so much.." that what she said 
“Mom..please wait, i don't want you to suffer alone, let me suffer with you.. i will be here for you" Then Waren took glass that his mother just used to drink, there was still half glass of water in it. A little afraid he drank the water in the glass after that same synthomps as his mother started to Appearing.
3 hours later his mother already passed away, and Warren still waiting himself follow his mother, he keep waiting for 2 hours...3 hours...4 hours but he didn't even die just having a cough with neon pink blood came out from his mouth, He thought his blood color will be black or maybe grey but it was neon pink and  in the end, he didn’t die... Then he reliazed about that color syndrome he heard before, about 15-25 years old were able to survive despite being infected by the disease. Feeling unfair, He just wanted to kill himself but he’s too scared to die like that, He knew he was a coward that can’t ever protect what he loves from the start.

“Why didn’t i just die like you mom? I just wanted to live with you peacefully!” He suffers about his life.
After week passed, He never comes out from the house he was to afraid to go out as the "color-syndrome".  When he really felt so useless he couldn’t protect someone important for him and he would just given up everything. Without he suspected, he remembered his mother said to stay alive and be strong no matter what. He just feel so dumb why he even give up so easly like that, He always promising to his mother to become stronger but why he just become weak like this. 
“mom, if you wanted to me become stonger and keep alive, i will do it.. I will keep surviving even if this world wanted me to die, no matter what... i promise”
After knowing about “Gray Order” Warren began to work even harder to survive. Maybe because of the bad condition His personality changed become more hotheated and Grumpy often some bad word come out from his mouth . It’s Really Hard to hid himslef from gray order and Silverlight then when he knew there was an urban legend about a gang that live underneath city that called “The Kaleidoscope”  who survived the Color-Syndrome, After that he entered a group named Yellow Jacket to keep surviving and become more stronger so he could protect something important for him, He is now also interested about what they call “Color”.


St. Patricks Day! Trivia St. Patricks Day! 

♣  Warren already forgot about his birthdate. (but it was 23 May)
♣  His Stun gun was about 100.000 volt
♣  Tainted part : left shoulder, around left eye, and right neck
♣  Afraid of water and spicy food.
♣  Left Handed
♣  Why don’t try make him feel bashful/amberassed?
♣  Secretly like snacking
♣  Because its hard to move Sometimes he use walking support (like walking cane)

♣ TBA.

|| Relationship ||

TBH - September Payment by ChikaAhjumma
TBH - September Payment

finally can upload the paymenet... screw you low internet :iconfliptableplz:
:iconseagullfaceplz: maso is so maso----

Hika the Knight give her power of knight to the twin to protect the kingdome :iconasdfghbeeplz:

Esso :iconfinazazaz:
Izha :iconrecolzer:
Silvia :iconfea-s:
Emi :iconde-chan08:
Yuki :iconpengguchan:
Froz :iconsnowshoe-rabbit:
Art & Hika (c) Chika
Admoneo - Lynne Mychelle Francois by ChikaAhjumma
Admoneo - Lynne Mychelle Francois
Name : Lynne Mychelle François
Nickname : Lyn
Age : 13
Gender : Female
Height/Weight : 149 cm / 38 kg
BoD : Paris,5 December
Nationality : Half British Half France
House : Hufflepuff
Year  : 3
Wand Ingredients :
  -Core : Dragon Heartstring
  -Lenght : 11 inches
  -Wood : Cedar
  -Flecibility : pliant 

Personality :

because about her past when still in normal elemantary school she become a lot more coward and shy . She is also really feminine,loyal and kinds hearted like her mother.Always nervous with new people that she don't knows or when she is alone. But Lyn is really hard working,love to know something new and study like her father. a type of person who like to help each other doesn't care who is she/he or even from other houses. But yeah..because she is a scaredy cat she's easy being bullied..

Positive and Negative Traits:
+) such a caring person
+) good listener
+) kind (she is motherlike)
+) Hardworking

-) Really Shy and a coward person
-) easy to Gullible
-) a bit bad at socialising

" i'm so sorry if i'm not a strong girl,but this is the way i am.. i hope you understand"

Biography :

Lyn is half-blood that was born in English and raised in France for 9 years. Her father is a Pure-blood and Her mother was a Muggleborn but her father told her that Lyn "your mother has been died when she was five but we doesn't have to see her grave..", and since then she only lived with her father. When she was in France, she was bullied by her school mate that called her "Witch Freak" or "Monster". That made her Traumatic with her school. Knew that her father decided to moved to England . to have a better live there.

When her father gave her school proposal, she was frightened because of her tramuatic. Since then she didn't go to school for almost 4  years. but even if she didnt go to schools,she really have a smart brain always study by herself go  to libary and reading a many books but it makes her become an bookworm and bad at socialising.. One day Lyn got a Strange Letter..Her father then realise that's a Hogwart Letter. and then Lyn's father found a better and match school that name is Hogwart for her daughter. Lyn refuse to go to Hogwart because she is scared moreover Hogwart in her mind is such a gloomy and scary place,but her father didn't give up, He talked to her daughter until she believed that the school is better than her old school. A miracles happend Lyn finally understand that Hogwart must be the best place that she can make a friends and study, and with a bit heavy heart she finally want to go to Hogwart, and become a strong girl.

When she has bought all of the tools that needed, the time to go to he new school has come. Left to King's Cross Station wih her father, she was surprised with many things that surprised her. Then her father said "Believe that you are brave as me and You are strong as your mom.". When she has arrived at her new school she realized that her father thought is real, she liked and fell comfortable like at her home when she is at the school although She is still worried, she learns more and more make a friends having a good and better school live...
" hope we can be a good friends,its nice to meet you"

Family :
Gerald Francois (Lyn's Grandfather) (64) always go to her grandparents house to play and her grandpa always tell her about magic and a witch

Merciella Francois (Lyn's Grandma) (61) , she really love her and always make her feels better when Lyn's having a such a gloomy day...

Garry Francois (Lyn's Father)  (36) he work on Shopping Mall as the manager, former student of Hogwart and he is a bullier when he begin his Fifth year on Hogwart, and then he meet
Mychelle L.Osborn a diligent and loyal student, he fell in love with her. they began dating on they final year (seventh) and then get married after graduated from Hogwart

Noir A. Lithuen Noir (Lyn's cousin) (17) is 4 years older than Lyn,meet her when 9 years old in England.. he really like to teased her and bully her sometimes (he said he love her face when she got bullied //what a sado//) even if he doing that to Lyn, He is actually kind and always protect her.. he is a fifth  in hogwart

Mychelle L.Francois  (Lyn's mother,deceased) (31) former name is Mychelle L.Osborn a kindhearted, and lovely girl who is born as MuggleBorn, her parents attended her to Hogwart when she is 15 years old. She is really awkwardly calm and caring person. she is the only one who can make Garry Francois (Lyn's father) stop his habit to bullying someone, fell in love with Garry when the first time she meet him. And they dating until they graduated and getting married. But after Lyn's born, she diactines have a leukimia, and then she died when Lyn's 5 years old (that what Lyn's father tell her).

Like & Dislike:
-Exploring about Hogwart (with friends of course)
-Cute and Pretty things

" oh my..isn't it beautiful/nice/fun ? "

x something scary
x Alone
x Rude and Scary People
x Spicy Food
x bugs 

" please don't stay to close if you with anything that i don't like,thank you"

Spell :
- Shielding Charm - Protego - Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.
Lumos Charm - Lumos - Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.
- Ferula - Ferula - A simple medical spell, which bandages and splints a broken limb.

Elective Clsasses:
Care Of Magical Creatures
-Hogwarts Orchestra

Trivia :
-) She actually like to sing,but Lyn only singing when there is not much people around
-) Yola was given by her grandpa
-) somehow she really like to watch quiditch and she always watch quitdicth comeptetion
-) She was fast at reading book
-) Lyn can't show an angry face (but when she did its didn't really like an angry face)

Pet :
Name : yola
Species : barn owl
Gender  : feMale
Personality : loyal | Coldhearted | graceful
Yola (sometimes being called "lady" by her owner) was a gift from Lyn's Grandpa before go to Hogwart, really loyal to Lyn and only do an order from Gerald (lyn's grandpa), Garry (Lyn's father), and Lyn herself..coldhearted to other people,really an graceful owl..

" Yola, is such a good friend... "


Out Of Character :
Name : Chika / Anan
Age : i'm still a highschooler
Timezone : WIB (Western Indonesian Time) | UTC/GMT +7 hours.
Favorite Harry Potter book: actually i like all of them
Favorite Harry Potter movie:Harry Potter and the Deathly hallow (part 1 & 2) /shshshhshs
Method of RP Used: Facebook,BBM (lmao),DA Notes

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"

Art & Lyn (c) Me
sorry for bad english
TBH - a little Chat ... by ChikaAhjumma
TBH - a little Chat ...
" about how random of this house "

what happend with my coloring :iconseagullfaceplz: esso you are so green--- :iconishipthemsohardplz:

why i didn't draw the payment? :icondeepthoughtplz:

Espresso (c) :iconfinazazaz:
Hika and Art (c) mein
PN-LT-WIB-Ipeh Galuh Cahyaningrum by ChikaAhjumma
PN-LT-WIB-Ipeh Galuh Cahyaningrum
:iconotlplz: dengan the powah of kevevet otak dan tangan bekerja semaksimal mungkin //batinkucape
sempet salah baca deadlinenya langsung panik akhirnya jadi begini //salahmu....
mata sepertinya harus diganti yang baru  :icondeadbodyplz:

kalau oc kalian ooc maafkan saja ya //nak

Ahmad Abdurrachim (c) bakfiakacangijo
Kamila Gandasubrata (c) Rieeri 
Anilasha Kirana Wynne (c) koizumichiaki
Gumilang Dian Pangestu (c) Winepyon
art + Rum (c) Ane...

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